Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Mars Dome One
Population: 70 Million
Satellites: Phobos
Station Phobos 1 (destroyed)
Station Phobos 2
Star: Sol
Star System: Sol system

Mars is the fourth planet in the Sol system and the oldest Terran Federation planetary colony.


In 2032, the United States of America launched a shuttle of astronauts for the Ares 3 mission. After landing on Mars, Olivia Jenkins was the first to step out and became the first Human to set foot on Mars.

The first permanent colony was established on Mars eight years later with the landing of the SS Envoy, which carried seventeen potential colonists. In 2044, a Soldiers of Gaia activist named Henry Tate sabotaged the dome as a means of protesting the colonization of Mars. However, the nations of Earth saw fit to establish a new dome despite threats from the soldiers.

Within a decade, at least two more domed settlements and many mining colonies were established across the planet. Food from the Luna agricultural colonies were instrumental in the development of the colony until the establishment of Greenhouse domes underneath the polar icecaps. The planet also became home to several Native American tribes who did not wish to assimilate into the merging cultures of Earth.

During World War III, the population of Mars had increased with the number of refugees fleeing the destruction of several locations on Earth. Following World War III, the increased need for supplies of Earth's population leads to massive shortages and increased taxes on Mars. In the early-22nd century, a group calling itself Free Mars attempted to take control of the Colonial Government. Though they succeeded in taking the capital, the Martians opposed to this allowed forces from Earth to land in its declared capital of Utopia Planitia in order to "reclaim Mars for the people."

The resulting war lasted for seven years before Free Mars leader Cain Dawson surrendered in the Siege of Mars Dome One. The newly formed Terran Federation soon reorganized its Senate to include the population of its colonies as well as its states.

After the Great Expansion and the Great Breakout, Mars quickly became a backwater colony, where few have immigrated.


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